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Bfoto2010allesgrund.JPG Name: Prof. Dr. S. Speller

First name: Sylvia
Email address:
Phone number: +49 (0)381 498 6980
Fax number: +49(0)381 498 6822
Secretary: : +49(0)381 498 6821

Postal address

Sylvia Speller
Professor of Physics
University of Rostock
18051 Rostock, Germany
phone +49 (0)381 498 6980
phone +49(0)381 498 6821
fax +49(0)381 498 6822


(Until mid 2012:)

  • Teaching
Scanning Probe Microscopy (master)
Inleiding Vaste Stoffysica (bachelor)
Seminar Scanning Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy
My research is directed towards
unravelling mechanisms and processes that couple physical, molecular and biologic structures.
Advancing Scanning Probe Microscopy methods
  • Coordinator of
Advanced NanoProbing (NanoNed)
Advanced Scanning Probe for Innovative NanoScience and Technology (ASPRINT)


Controlling the electronics of complex molecules on the nanoscale:
Scanning Tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of a photoelectric polyoxometalate
Realizing practical conditions for transporting electrons through individual molecules trapped inbetween nanoscopic electrodes
FOM programme Nr. 86 - Atomic and molecular nanophysics
Coordinator: JM van Ruitenbeek
Project leader: S. Speller
Member: OI Shlyarevskii, M van der Maas, JAAW Elemans
technical development: J.W. Gerritsen, J.G.H. Hermsen
in cooperation with partners of the programme, and with Lee Cronin (Glasgow)

Advanced Nanoprobing
Coordinator: S. Speller
in cooperation Advanced Nanoprobing partners
Support: NanoNed, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Start: 1-2004
Protein Nanoarrays
Project leader: S. Speller, C.G. Figdor
start: 5-2005
Members: J te Riet
technical development, UHV: J.W. Gerritsen
in cooperation with TumorImmunology, NCMLS
Liquid STM and STS of supramolecular assembliess
Project leader: S. Speller, R. Nolte, J.A.A.W. Elemans
start: 10-2005
Members: Duncan den Boer
technical development: J.W. Gerritsen
in cooperation with Organic Chemistry

NanoLab Nijmegen
New developments in nanoscience and technology for enterprises
and knowledge transfer between university and companies
S. Speller, T. Rasing
start: 10-2006
Members: S. Vasnyov, J.A.A.W. Elemans, J.W. Gerritsen, a.o.

NanoElectronic Materials
Coordinator: D. Blank
in cooperation with NEM partners
Support: NanoNed, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Start: 1-2004
Spin-polarized STM for molecular layers
Project leader: S. Speller
start: 10-2006
Members: N. Niermann
technical development, UHV: J.W. Gerritsen
in cooperation with U Osnabrück, U Glasgow
Electrochemical STM for nano-electronic materials
Project leader: S. Speller
start: 2006
Members: M. Coenen
technical development: J.W. Gerritsen

Advanced Scanning PRobes for Innovative
Nanoscience and Technology (ASPRINT)

Support: EU FP6
Coordinator: S. Speller
Spin-polarized STM in media
Nanomagnetic probing of Mn/Ag(100)
Project leader: S. Speller
Members: N. Niermann, S.Vasnyov
technical development, UHV: J.G.H. Hermsen
in cooperation with ASPRINT partners, R.A. de Groot (RU)

SPM as a tool for genomics of RNA
FP6 EU project Functional and Structural Genomics of Viral RNA

Coordinator: S.S. Wijmenga
Project leader: S. Speller
Member: J Zivkovic, F Alvarado
technical development, AFM: J.W. Gerritsen
in cooperation with FSG-V-RNA partners

Kijk naar Klokhuis uitzending van 8 maart 2006 (wetenschap en techniek, supermicroscoop)
Project Leader: S. Speller
Member: J.J.M. Peters
in cooperation with G. Flik (Organismal Animal Physiology), R.A. de Groot (Electronic Structure of Materials)
technical development: J.G.H. Hermsen, J.W. Gerritsen

A quantum dot as detector for spin-polarized electrons
Project leaders: S. Speller, D. Vanmaekelbergh (U Utrecht)
Member: L. Jdira
in cooperation with D. Vanmaekelbergh (U Utrecht)
technical development: J.G.H. Hermsen