Natascha Niermann

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Natascha Niermann

Scanning Probe Microscopy
Institute for Molecules and Materials
University of Nijmegen
Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Phone number: +31-24-3652081
Fax number: +31-24-3652190

Office: HG01.068 (Huygens building)


Preparation of well-defined synthetic magnetite surfaces Study of the structural and electronic properties of magnetite surfaces by scanning probe methods. Study of the effect of exposure to liquid and gas

Description of the project Scanning probe methods provide the unique possibility of characterization and manipulation on nanoscale and in real space. In particular, surface morphology and structure is accessible together with the electronic and magnetic properties on local scale. Magnetite occurs in geology, space, and biology. It has a high spin-polarization and Curie temperature, and is therefore a promising material for spin-electronic devices. Particularly, thin films and nanoscopic structures are interesting in view of nanoelectronic applications. Due to the complexity of magnetite there are many controversies regarding surface termination, composition, and (spin-)electronic properties. Coarsened surface morphologies and intrinsic impurity levels are commonly reported for magnetite surfaces. Local structural characterization in direct combination with the magnetic, spin-integrated, and spin-selective properties, in relation to the structural features is elucidative in a wealth of respects. Our aim is to characterize magnetite surfaces on nanoscopic level and relate magnetic and electronic to structural features using STM, STS, MFM in situ. We use magnetic probes and external magnetic fields. In a second part we study such properties upon exposure to gasses and liquids. Here we use liquid and controlled atmosphere and electrochemical scanning probe.

About me

I was born in Osnabrueck (Germany) in 1971. I graduated from the University of Osnabrueck, Faculty of Physics in 2001. After graduation I applied for a grant of the county Lower Saxony within the Lichtenberg Stipendium and was elected. Since then I have been working in several countrues, such as Denmark, Austria, The Netherlands, Scotland and Ireland, always as a guest for several experimants as a Junior Researcher. Finally in September 2006, I joined the SPM Group at Radboud University Nijmegen, being an employee of IMM.