4th IRUN Symposium on Nanotechnology

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4th IRUN Symposium on Nanotechnology


The 4th IRUN symposium on Nanotechnology was held on October 27th and 28th 2011 at the Radboud University Nijmegen and brought together 50 scientists from 9 IRUN universities working in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The meeting was organized by the Institute for Molecules and Materials at the Faculty of Science. At the symposium the newest developments on nanoprobing and -fabrication and -manipulation were discussed. Experimental as well as theoretical approaches were presented increasingly allowing for better control of structures and functions on the nanoscale. Labtours through the High Field Magnet Laboratory and the NanoLab Nijmegen were much appreciated by the participants. Nanoscale phenomena occur at very small spatial dimensions of around 10-9 metres. Respective systems represent the smallest positionally still controllable structures. These are most interesting for the development of devices featuring extremely low material and energy costs during production and function. Nanotechnology: interdisciplinary and hybrid-technology approaches The 4th IRUN symposium on Nanotechnology brought together scientists from different fields and disciplines to discuss the current achievements and challenges. The nanotechnologies make use of a new class of nanoscopic effects unique to such small systems. To understand and explore this type of effects for the development of devices both new nanoprobing and nanofabrication methods must be constantly devised and augmented. A frequent strategy of nanoscientists is to take on interdisciplinary and hybrid-technology approaches. Principles from the different disciplines of natural sciences and nano- and microsystems are sought to be combined to realise new functions and breakthroughs in science and technology. This was reflected in the many contributions and discussions at this IRUN symposium. Support from Radboud Internationalization Fund, Institute for Molecules and Materials, Dutch Physics Foundation, and Nano-Lab Nijmegen is kindly acknowledged.


Find here the symposium poster.

Invited Speakers

Dr. Grzegorz Brzezinka
Nanometer-Scale Science and Advaned Materials (NANOSAM)
Jagiellonian University Krakow
Force spectroscopy of cells and biomolecules as a promising diagnostic method for nanomedicine

Dr. Nils Hartmann
Faculty for Chemistry
University of Duisburg Essen
Laserprocessing of nanomaterials: Prospects in Large-Scale-Integration, Patterning and Manipulation

Dr. Igor Schapiro
Max Planck Institute for Bioinorganic Chemistry
Mülheim an der Ruhr
From computational photobiology to the development of biomimetic molecular devices

Prof.dr. Bosiljka Tadic
Theoretical Physics
J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana
Structure & function of colloidal assemblies: numerical modelling approach

Prof.dr. Ludovic Thilly
Department of Physic and Mechanic of materials
University of Poitiers
The mechanical properties of small scale objects: on the role of dislocation nucleation in the brittle-to-ductile transition in InSb semi-conductor micro-pillars

Dr. Daniel Wegner
Institute of Physics & Center for Nanotechnology (CeNTech)
Radboud University of Muenster
Single-molecule synthesis using a scanning tunneling microscope

Dr. Pere Serra
Department of Applied Physics and Optics
University of Barcelona
Laser microprinting from liquid solutions and suspensions

Dr. MacLaren
University of Glasgow
Probing nanoparticle chemistry using electron energy loss spectroscopy'

Dr. Daniela Wilson
Bio-Organic Chemistry
University of Nijmegen
Autonomous movement of loaded polymeric stomatocytes via substrate catalysis: stomatocyte nanorockets


The look into the program use the link: program


Abstract submission: September 30, 2011
Notification of acceptance: October 6, 2011
Poster submission: October 17, 2011
Registration open till: October 17, 2011

Information on submission:

Abstract Submission:
If you wish to give a talk at the symposium, please submit a brief abstract before September 30, 2011.

Please send a mail to Irun.Nano.2011@science.ru.nl containing the following information:

First name, Second name:, Coauthors
Affiliation (institute + address):
Title of your presentation:
Abstract (< 200 words, only for talks)

Poster Submission:

In order to present your results as a poster, please send a mail to Irun.Nano.2011@science.ru.nl before October 17, 2011, containing the following information:
First name, Second name:, Coauthors
Affiliation (institute + address):
Title of your poster
Abstract (< 200 words)


To register please email your name and affiliation (institute + address) to: Irun.Nano.2011@science.ru.nl and pay the fee according to following instructions

Staff: € 100,00
Students: € 50,00

To bank account: 438937805
Stichting NanoProbing
SE Speller
IBAN: NL58ABNA0438937805


Institute for Molecules and Materials
University of Nijmegen
Huygens building, HG00.307
Heyendaalseweg 135

email: Irun.Nano.2011@science.ru.nl
Telephone: +31 24 365 21 21

The International Research Universities Network (IRUN)

The International Research Universities Network (IRUN) is a network of broad-based research universities, founded in 2007 with 10 partners (www.irun.eu). The aim of IRUN is to contribute to the improvement of research and teaching, through joint symposia, exchange of students and collaboration.


Members of the Program committee
Prof.Dr. A. Labarta - University of Barcelona (Spain)
Prof.Dr. G. Abadias - University of Poitiers (France)
Prof.Dr. H. Fuchs - University of Münster (Germany)
Prof.Dr. R. Moeller - University Duisburg - Essen (Germany)
Prof.Dr. S. Speller - Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands)
Prof.Dr. M. Szymonski - Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Polen)
Prof.Dr. L. Cronin - University of Glasgow (UK)
Members of the local organizing committee
Prof.dr. S. Speller, Scanning Probe Microscopy and NanoLab Nijmegen
Dr. J.A.A.W. Elemans, Scanning Probe Microscopy
Dr. B.L.M. Hendriksen, Scanning Probe Microscopy
Prof.dr. J.C.M. van Hest, Bio-organic Chemistry
Prof.dr. A.E. Rowan, Molecular Materials
Prof.dr. E. Vlieg, Solid State Chemistry/director Institute for Molecules and Materials

The 1st IRUN Symposium on Nanotechnology held at the University of Münster in 2008 was the first in a series of annual symposia (Krakow 2009, Barcelona, 2010).

Practical information

Find information on traveling (how to get there) and hotels (where to stay) here.